Configuration Sections Guide

Follow the instructions below to best configure your store and get the most out of your online sales!

1. General Settings

In the general section you can configure how the plugin works globally. 

We recommend following the various steps starting from “Global settings” box

2. Recommendations Settings

With Visidea you can add recommendations widgets into several sections of your website:

Algorithms Description

Collaborative filtering

The collaborative filtering algorithm display products that are suggested by our Artificial Intelligence based on the interactions that the user has done in your website.

Popular items

The popular items algorithm display the best sellers products.

Last seen

The last seen algorithm display the last products that the user saw.

Visual similarity

The visual similarity algorithm display the most similar items of the one that is currently seen. It is available only in the Product detail page.

Frequently bought together

The frequently bought together algorithm display products that are often bought together with the current one. It is available only in the Product detail page.