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Product recommendations

Our recommendation engine as a service optimizes sales on your e-commerce website.

Maximize ROI and user engagement with product recommendations

Suggestions let users find more valuable products to buy and this will increase average cart value (ACV), customer lifetime value (CLV), and consequently optimize return on investment (ROI).

The user interaction and user experience will greatly improve because every customer will get unique recommendations about products, categories, and brands they like most.


Optimize ROI

Offering more relevant products, users will find the items they’re looking for much faster. This will lead to fewer bounces, smaller retargeting ads budgets, and fewer abandoned carts. Our merchants see an ROI improvement of about 30% after implementing our solution.

Increase average cart value

By finding more relevant products, users put more items in the shopping cart, and the average cart value increases.


Increase customer lifetime value

Implementing e-mail recommendations, users return to your website more frequently and the customer lifetime value increases.

Offer a personalized customer experience

With product recommendations, you offer a unique experience to every customer who visits your website. Users feel more understood and have a much better experience when searching the products they are looking for.