"Widget" Settings Guide

Benefits for your e-commerce

Visual similarity

The visual similarity algorithm display the most similar items of the one that is currently seen. It is available in the Product detail page.

Collaborative filtering

The collaborative filtering algorithm display products that are suggested by our Artificial Intelligence based on the interactions that the user has done in your website.

Item based

The item based algorithm display products that are often bougth together with the current one. It is available in the Product detail page.

Popular items

The popular items algorithm display the best sellers products.

Read our guide to learn more about setting up algorithms and other information about wigets

In each section you can configure what and how to display in the corresponding page.

You can add or remove blocks in the page and configure each block individually.

With the “Active” toggle you can choose to show or hide the block into your page.

In the “Algorithm” you can choose what to display in the single slideshow (details on each algorithm below).

In “Items” you can set how many products you want to show in the slideshow.

In “Show after” you can specify where to place the slideshow in your page with a Jquery selector. This option is intended to be used by developers, so if you are not sure to what to enter you can leave it blank.

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