Product Detail Page Settings Guide

The product page is definitely the one that can benefit the most from a correct configuration of the plugin. This is because the customer can choose other related products based on their preferences or collected data. Our customers have experienced:

Increase your Conversion Rate

Increase related products sales

Improvement in Average Order Value

Configure the type of algorithm, the number and position of the elements in the Product Sheet

1. Show or hide the carousel on Product Detail Page. We recommend leaving the icon active.

2. Algorithm used in the widget (find out more in the widget configuration section)

3. Insert here the carousel header

4. Insert the number of items displayed in the carousel

5. *DEVELOPERS OPTION* Insert the CSS selector of the element after which to insert the carousel if you want to customize the element

6. Save the configuration settings.

PS: It is possible to add different blocks that can be used in different ways, to do tests, etc