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Create an impressive shopping experience within your e-commerce

The plugin that allows your e-commerce customers to search for products by images.

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Why Visidea

No Code

Our plugin is available on all the most popular CMSs and does not require code use.

Automated Tagging

Save time and money on managing your product tags through artificial intelligence.


Access to advanced dashboards showing user behavior analytics.

Our customers say

The benefits of Visual Search

Increase Sales
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According to Forbes, brands implementing Visual Search will increase digital transactional revenue by 30 percent.

Searches using images
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Image search accounts for 12.4% of total searches on Google. However, only some e-commerce companies have implemented this functionality.

Website Engagement
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Business Wire revealed that 62% of Gen-Z and Millenial users prefer to use Visual Search for product search.

How does Visual Search work?

Imagine a potential customer losing his head over a pair of glasses during the Milano Fashion Week. He can find those glasses (or a similar couple) with a simple photo and buy them on your e-commerce.

Visual search will make your influencer marketing campaigns on social media more effective and integrate the offline experience with the online one. The result will be increased sales of your e-commerce and a noticeable improvement in the user experience of your website.

Essential to stand out in sectors like


Plans and Pricing

When the trial ends, you can continue to use our service with a paid plan that meets your needs and the characteristics of your online store.

You can unsubscribe at any time.


€ 19,99
(Yearly € 199 - Savings €40,88)


€ 99,99
(Yearly € 999 - Savings €200,88)


€ 349,99
(Yearly € 3499 - Savings €700,88)

Free Trial

The 14 days free trial is entirely free of charge and without restrictions.

Integrate it into your e-commerce now, and then decide whether to buy.

Visidea is more than just a Visual Search tool

Visidea is the all-in-one tool that allows you to integrate visual search with other services to increase your e-commerce conversions:

  • AI Search Bar: unlock the full potential of your e-commerce store with our state-of-the-art AI-powered Semantic Textual Search.
  • Product recommendation for cross-sell and up-sell via AI to increase your customers’ average shopping cart value.