Drive sales with personalized recommendations

The plug-in that shows similar and correlated products to those viewed.

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Why Visidea

No Code

Our plugin is available on all the most popular CMSs and does not require code use.

Automated Tagging

Save time and money on managing your product tags through artificial intelligence.


Access to advanced dashboards showing user behavior analytics.

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What is Visual Recommendation?

Visual Recommendation can show users the best alternatives to the products they are viewing.

Thanks to Visidea, you will allow users to find what they are looking for easily. This way, you will improve user experience and increase your Conversion Rate.

In addition, artificial intelligence will give your users a highly customized experience based on their browsing history and that of similar customers.

Increase up-sell and cross-sell with products recommendation

Product recommendations allow users of your site to find what they are looking for (without actively searching).

Thanks to artificial intelligence, your users will see similar and related products.

Using the data within your e-commerce and users’ browsing history, Visidea will increase the chances of purchase and the value of the average shopping cart.

Essential to stand out in sectors like


Visidea, not only Visual Recommendation

Visidea is the all-in-one tool that allows you to integrate visual recommendations with other services to increase your e-commerce conversions.

Visual Search allows your e-commerce customers to search for products via images showing more relevant results than text searches, thus increasing your e-commerce conversion rate.

Plans and Pricing

When the trial ends, you can continue to use our service with a paid plan that meets your needs and the characteristics of your online store.

You can unsubscribe at any time.


€ 19,99
(Yearly € 199 - Savings €40,88)


€ 99,99
(Yearly € 999 - Savings €200,88)


€ 349,99
(Yearly € 3499 - Savings €700,88)

Free Trial

The 14 days free trial is entirely free of charge and without restrictions.

Integrate it into your e-commerce now, and then decide whether to buy.


You don’t need web development skills to implement the tool on your ecommerce, Visidea is No-Code

The visual recommendation suggests similar products to the ones the user is already viewing. This increases sales opportunities, based on the user’s browsing history and interests.

The results proposed through visual recommendation provide similar and related products through artificial intelligence. This increases cross-sell and up-sell opportunities during the product search phase, in a completely automated manner.

This depends on the traffic that your e-commerce generates and the correct targeting of users. The plugin is a boost that helps the e-commerce perform better and sell more, ensuring users a new shopping experience.

Absolutely NOT! After the 14-day free trial, you are free to subscribe to one of the plans (in line with your needs) or uninstall the plugin, without any additional costs or obligations.