SHOPIFY - Visidea Installation Guide

Video Tutorial

APP Installation Guide

With this guide we will see together all the steps for a correct installation of the visidea plugin on your e-commerce with Cms Shopify.

  1. Open your Shopify Store Admin
  2. Click on “APPS” and digit “VISIDEA”

   3. In the appstore click on “VISIDEA”

   4. and than click “ADD APP”

   5. Shopify ask your permission to share website date with Visidea. Confirm by clicking on “INSTALL APP”

   7. The first step is to choose your Plan in the plan tab. You can use the app for 14 days with a free trial.

PS You can unsubscribe before 14 days without paying anything.

  8. Confirm your payment method clicking on “APPROVE”

   9. The next step is to register with Visidea if you haven’t done it yet with the link at point 2.

   Or, if you are already registered, click on the link on point 3

   10. Now you can login, or register/create an account

   11. After registration, you will be redirected to the configuration of your website

   12. Choose the category of your products and click “CONNECT”

   13. Creation Successfull! Click “GO TO DASHBOARD” to start using Visidea Plugin.

 PS. Please wait for automatic updates to generate the recommendations. The time for generating recommendations depends on the size of your shop.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed the setup. Now you can start using our plugin to increase the value of your average cart and your sales.